I love people who see a door and instinctively say "hey, what’s in there?" 

It's curiosity and courage that are at the heart of my work. Anyone who thinks about what else they were meant to do, what else they could use their gifts for and how to bring more joy to the world fall into the category of My Favorite People.

I am a career and business coach, speaker, and author ofThe Anti-Resume Revolution: The Innovative & Forward-Thinking Guide for Job Seekers and Entrepreneurs Who Want To Do What They Love. I'm also a blogger for Virgin.com where I talk about entrepreneurship and how to kick ass.

I have spent the last five years coaching people who want to create a meaningful career and/or business and want to know how to do it in a way that works for them. The work has been inspiring, enlightening, and heart pumping! 

What I've taught combined with what I've learned has created my philosophy: start with what makes YOU excited. We can work out the rest.

I am here to teach you the tools, tricks, and ways to not lose your mind over deadlines, bosses, customers, and money. It can be done! 

"Angela's intuition and creativity sets her apart. She has helped me expand my sense of what is possible in my life, and to stop playing a "small game." If you are really serious about taking your career and your life to the next level, I challenge you to work with Angela and follow her advice." – Doug Foresta, Co-founder Coachzing.com, radio host, therapistTalktala.com




You should come and join me for my newest project, the Do+Make Business District, an online community for solopreneurs, artists and idea people who are ready to move from dreaming to doing! New members have already joined and the party is in full swing. 

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Day dreaming of cool things to make for you!!

Day dreaming of cool things to make for you!!

"Angela rocks! She is an amazing talent, a motivated go-getter and a woman totally committed to her tribe of job seekers! I've watched, helped and known Angela since I met her and I've seen her grow so much, so fast. Buy her book. It's worth MORE than what you'll pay for it. And follow her....she's going to be big one day!" 

– Becky Blanton, TED presenter, Editor, Author, Ghostwriter

"Angela's Anti-Resume Revolution is a timely book for our troubled times. She is an amazing Linchpin and her book and consulting is going to help so many people find new jobs where they too can be linchpins and not just cogs!" – Kes Sampanthar, Research Director, KPMG


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