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Hi, I'm Angela. I'm an award-winning speaker, three-time author, two-time TEDx presenter, public speaking coach, and seven-year business owner. Basically everything I just named are things I never would have imagined doing 10 years ago. You can learn why on my About page and my Speaking page. It's all there. 




I like hearing from new people. Drop me an email if you want to discuss 80's movies, any and all pizza toppings, or because you like something you saw here.  

As a past president of the Washington, DC National Speakers Association and witness to hundreds of presenters, I feel confident saying Angela is in the top 2% of speakers in her generation. She is smart, genuine, compelling and inspiring. I will predict now that she is one to watch!
— Martha Johnson, Founder & President (ret.) of Growth Dynamics, Bethesda, MD.
Angela’s fresh approach and authentic experience lifted our group to new levels. With her words, we had the confidence to make change happen, both individually and as a group. We would definitely have her back for more unpretentious wisdom.
— Rex Williams, Boeing Change Accelerator
Angela’s energy and positive messages made a huge impression – even on those members of the audience who might have viewed her ideas with some skepticism. I highly recommend Angela as a speaker and am certain her story and advice will resonate with any audience she works with.
— Kim Figuoroa, Director of Internships, Isenberg School of Management, University of Massachusetts Amherst



I work with creative, entrepreneurial women who want to inspire audiences and make money as a speaker. I love people who recognize the fastest way to the life they want is to create it. I can help you.


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Five Fun Facts

you might not know about me

1. I have two cats: Gratitude + Lilly

2. I'm a newbie rock climber and I think I may have been a spider monkey in a past life.

3. I'm 6 feet tall. This is significant because everyone comments on it and likes to talk about it.

4. I've written three books and the first was recommended by Seth Godin.

5. My top 3 favorite movies are Back to the Future Part 1, Spaceballs, and Tommy Boy. 

6. (Bonus) I'm the least likely person to become a professional speaker. Find out why.